August 23rd, 2009


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Yay for birthdays.
Yay for cake.
Yay for beer.
Yay for PBS.
Yay for kitties.
Yay for air conditioning.
Yay for Mr. Spock.
Yay for job leads.
Yay for Yay!
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Holla Bunny

Free Zoo Day! (from 8/20/09)

Ok, I FINALLY have a wi-fi connection and can post the zoo pics. Animals are awesome.

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I didn't get any tiger pictures, too many people crowded around, and the tiger was pacing quite a bit, so no way was I getting a good shot. I went with my mom and we had a good time. It knocked her out, pretty much, for the rest of the day. I got a little alone time while she was sleeping, of course, I kept waiting for her to get up, so I didn't get much use out of my alone time and didn't want to do any cleaning because I wanted her to get SOME rest. Oh well.

Happy zoo pictures!
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