September 11th, 2009

Satchel Sigh

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Well, I guess I am overqualified or perhaps didn't answer the questions properly to be a server at TWO different restaurants.

Seriously? Are there THAT many more qualified people to bring food to tables and smile than me?

Am I oversimplifying things?

I'm wondering if I need to "adjust" my applications so that it doesn't show "general manager" but instead supervisor or assistant or something.

Thankfully, I have a job lead (again) that I'll be looking into on Monday. And another one that involves applying online, that I'll be working on either tonight or the weekend.

I love how Vera is so used to the loud noises that I create. Loretta, not so much. I just sneezed very loudly. Vera didn't even flinch (she's snoozing on the couch) and Loretta bolted for the bedroom from the dining room when she heard the noise. Very funny.

What's weird is that my right foot, the heel area on the bottom, hurts like I've been standing for days and days, but I haven't been. Weird.

The crockpot mac and cheese was delicious. I left out the egg and added paprika. mmmmmm

I made salmon last night, that was delicious, too. Need to go to the grocery and get a few things (bread and stuff). Maybe I'll do that later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Now instead of not sleeping at all, I'm sleeping too much. *sigh*

My life is very boring right now. Maybe I'll have better news to post on Monday.
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