October 9th, 2009

Work Related Anger

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Seriously? I can't even get a job pouring fucking coffee at a hotel?????

for fuck's sake.

I can't get people to respond to me about a stupid fucking DATA ENTRY job.


I want to punch Uncle Mike so fucking hard right now. I don't know what to do.
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Satchel Sigh

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I probably should have disabled comments on my last post. It wasn't a cry for attention or anything, mostly just some venting. The last thing you want to see in your morning email is that you are rejected. Especially when they tell you next week. *sigh*

Seriously, they were doing more interviews TODAY. Whatever, I didn't want to work in a hotel anyways.

I called one of the temp agencies I'm working with and asked about a position that I originally applied for, and the client is kind of dragging their feet, but...they didn't say NO about my resume. April helped me phrase something a little better, so that if I do get to interview with them, I can say something along the lines of my experiences as a restaurant manager will help me tackle the tasks here." So, don't tell them their job is easy peasy, even if it might be.

I also told her I'd be willing to work a week at a lower wage to sweeten the deal. If they are down with it, they can see whether or not I'll be able to handle the tasks. If I can't do it, fine they saved about $250 and I get a week's pay (which will help). Then I can go and try to work at a call center for Verizon and make crap and hope to find an evening part time job somewhere.

Oh, and SuperTarget is crazy. :)