October 15th, 2009

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Interviewed for data entry job. They have to 'coordinate' and 'regroup' and 'strategize'. *sigh*

Hopefully, I find out tomorrow so I can call the other place and find out what's up with possible supervisor position. At this point, I'm thinking I'd rather the call center since it's a night job and two days off during the week, that would work better with 2nd job than data entry which is M-F 8-4:30. Kind of cuts into looking for a new job (can't go to interviews)and working a second one (very limited in hours available to work, and can only work weekends mostly and I like having Sunday mornings (if not the whole day) off so that I can play Scrabble.

I did get a call from the temp agency today about the assistant job. I guess the company isn't interested, even though I'm quite qualified. Whatever. I wasn't too thrilled with the woman who called me to tell me, I'd really rather be dealing with the other lady, C, but she's out of town until Monday. *sigh*

So, thoughts?

Call center with evening schedule, possible supervisor position and ability to have two weekdays off for looking for new/better job at a possible lower rate of pay (if I get just the CSR job it's 50 cents less than data entry job, IF data entry job agrees to pay me the higher wage)

Data entry job, monday through friday, 8-5 essentially, weekends off, no phones, no customer service, quiet, actual temp job (8-9 month duration), can work elsewhere in the evenings (mall job or the like, maybe food delivery), very limited in looking for new job since working during general interviewing hours (unless these people are really interested, they might work around it)

Maybe I should have made this into a poll! :)
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