October 28th, 2009

Eddie Izzard Cake or Death

Lookin' for jobs update

I had two interview yesterday and a 2nd interview tomorrow. Yay!
They pay a bit more than what I have now, which isn't great, but...it's MORE. And, you know, not doing call center work. :)

I've been playing phone tag for one job for the past two days. The last message I left for her explained that I couldn't answer the phone until after 2:30. She called at 12:35. I *just* missed her call. *sigh* I called her at 2:30...she hasn't called me back. Honestly, she NEVER answers her phone. No one there answers the freaking phone. It's a little ridiculous.

No coloring today. No reading out loud, either. Thank goodness. I was ready to fall asleep quite a few times. It's moving just a tad too slow for my tastes, but, some of the people there really aren't catching on.

I did get a lead on a PT job. If I get the 2nd interview job and not the 1st interview job, I'll probably apply there. Since they are super close to each other. I don't think I would do it if I get the non 2nd interview job.

I'm still waiting to hear from one place, but I'm wondering if they will even call me. They want 5 years experience as an admin/exec asst. It amazes me that people don't consider management to be the same thing. You still have to prioritize your time.


So, that's my life right now. And I am LOVING this cold weather. I just need to find my fleece hoodie. It's around here somewhere.

Ok, off to do dishes so I can make a little dinner and pass out before 9. Yes, that's right, I'm a kid again, in bed by 9.
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