November 2nd, 2009

Gordon Ramsay

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Mostly, I just wanted to use this icon. I <3 gordon.

Anynoodles, back in kindergarten. NOW we are getting into the meat of it. Phone activations, port in numbers, checking balances. Using the computers with very little reading out loud.

There was a wrench thrown in the works, though. She moved us around. Breaking up the little groups that are forming, I totally get it. I stayed in the same area, which was fine with me, but she stuck me between two talkers. *sigh*

I got D on one side and N on the other. They are nice people, don't get me wrong, but damn, really? He won't shut the fuck up and would talk to the damn emergency exit door if given the chance. She worked on a VZW account for a different company and so, you know, she knows everything all ready. It's a little annoying.

Then, B, is off to the other side of D and is bitching that the trainer keeps repeating herself. Uhhh, yeah, see, if you would SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. she wouldn't have to. Of course, you don't seem to mind when you ask her to repeat herself. Three times.


I asked the trainer if I could move to closer to the door or something, just to get away, but she is going to be moving people around again.

She also pulled people out that were wearing jeans. FINALLY. Look, it's a dress code, it needs to be followed, just follow the fucking rules. You've been told FIVE times what the dress code is, just follow it.

I got a phone call today from a number that I didn't recognize. Three times. No message. I call it back, "Leave a message for XXX-XXX-XXXX". oooook. IT'S A COUNCILMAN'S OFFICE. I hate robocalls. At least put the name of the office or something on your voice mail (I found out by googling the number). I was thinking it was a job calling or something, but noooooo, you just want me to vote for you. Guess what. I'm not voting for you. At the very least, leave me a freaking message, then I can just listen to my voice mail and be all, "Oh HAI! Sure, I'll vote for you." No, you get me thinking that I'm missing my career opportunity of a lifetime. Douchebags.

Anyways, need to get to bed. Big day tomorrow, gotta do more training and listening to people talk amongst themselves and hear about the SCA and what every one did over the weekend. Good times.

Oh, and my chicken chili came out more like a weird chicken and bean soup. It's still pretty tasty, though.
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