November 4th, 2009

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Pizza Hut said no.
Actually, she said, "You would be a great asset to any company, but your administrative background isn't strong enough."

How strong would you like it to be? Are the over 10 years of Excel experience not enough? How about Word? Perhaps 3 years of running numbers (P&L, food costs, labor, etc)? 16+ years of answering phones? Is it because I don't know shorthand? Is there anyone under the age of 40 who knows shorthand?

Their food is gross anyways.

Just waiting on another two to call back.

I interviewed yesterday for Wendy's corporate (field marketing or something, I don't quite remember the exact title). Some of the more interesting questions:

What hurts your pride?
Do you like chewing people out?
Do you like conflict in groups?

I can't really think of the other ones, but wow, those threw me for a loop. Of course, there was the "Do you think the customer is always right?" question. Ugh. I hate that one. Of COURSE they aren't always right, half the time they are so wrong that it passes right stops for a latte and goes into insanity.

I had to lie on that one. :)

I should find out this week about the hospital job. But, if I do get it, I don't want to take it and then possibly get offered a different job that pays more. I'd feel kind of bad about that. Maybe everyone will make decisions at the same time. That would be good. Yes?
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