November 5th, 2009

Trent Hanging

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Is it sad that my big day of excitement shall be tomorrow when I get to wear jeans to work?

A little.

I went over to Nimbus this afternoon to apply as a pizza/prep cook. If I'm stuck at the call center, I'm going to need a second job. Well, I'll need a second job anyways, I want to be able to bulk up my savings account like whoa. I'll be applying at Famous Sam's tomorrow. They need some servers.

I sent a text to Adam to see if he can help me get the cook job. They have a new chef (which is probably why they are hiring new cooks) and he is trying to bring all of his old peeps over to the new restaurant. Kind of sucks, and really cuts down on my chances of getting in. Maybe it's just not in the cards to work there, kind of like with Geico. :)

The training is getting a little more interesting, less coloring involved, but we have had to do skits over the past two days. We are finally getting into the meat of the job, how to use the computers, etc. We listened to some calls today and tore them apart. They were TERRIBLE. I think I should have been a quality assessment person.

Things aren't selling as fast as I would have hoped on, but things are at least going. I added some more stuff today. YAY!

Waiting on the season 3 of the wire to come into the library so I can continue the journey.

Watched the original House of Wax last night. It is amazing how you can create a scary movie WITHOUT blood and gore. I mean, it wasn't pee your pants scary, but it had a little bit of an edge.

I kind of want to see The Box, but I have a feeling I'll be disappointed in it. I've already heard terrible things about Paranormal Activity (which I slightly wanted to see).

I've also been eating a lot of candy. Damn Halloween sales!

And you?
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