November 10th, 2009


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I just found out something very interesting: if a produce truck gets pulled for hauling drugs, that produce goes to the food bank. Neat, huh?

In other news, interview Thursday afternoon with Wendy's lady.

In other other news, I was on the phone for 45 minutes this afternoon with the mortgage company. Since I took a pretty big pay cut, I figured I could get some hardship assistance. Nope. My payment is now 31% exactly of my gross income. *sigh* It was about 25% before, so I didn't qualify. If I made $.25 LESS an hour, I would qualify. I have him transfer me to a different department, well, I'm not deliquent, so I don't get help that way. There is a different option, but that won't cover my escrow payments. I would fall behind on that and that means dealing with the county. No thanks. Sent me to refinance, I could shave almost 2% off the interest rate, but would gain points. *sigh*

So, instead, I'll just tough it out. I'm not quite to the point where I just stop paying my bills and save up for a place to rent. Plus, honestly, I can't do that. I have to pay my bills. Maybe I'm just crazy, but it's a contract and I honor those.

I can make the payment after my paycheck this week. I'll just have a little bit left until next paycheck. BUT. Things are selling pretty well. Once I get the rest of the house in shape, I'm throwing one of the couches on craigslist (unless one of you local peeps wants it, I'll cut you a deal and even help move it!). I keep bidding on projects on elance and have written two articles so far for a freelance site. If I can write 10 a week, I can make an extra $75-150/week. That's a pretty big deal. Of course, you know, take out some money for tax purposes (put that in savings, so at least I can make a little bit of money on it).

If the Wendy's job doesn't pan out, I'll stick with call center until the holidays are over at least. I can make some serious money over the six weeks. They are going to be dishing out overtime like a mofo. I'll take it. And, Pier 1 is hiring, so I can go head up there and see if I can get some part time. I may have to miss out on brunch for a few weeks, but it's a small sacrifice I'm willing to make. I need to get the savings account back into shape and, you know, keep the bills paid.

I'd also like to maybe have some Guilin soon. :) Although, while I miss having take out food, it is kind of nice to be relying on myself for feeding myself instead of a guy in a drive thru box. I also enjoy pizza again :)

Ok, gotta get ready for bed.
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