November 14th, 2009

Monty Python

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Got 94 on my exam for work. Yes, we had to take a final. I think it was the highest score. I missed 2 questions that were TERRIBLY worded. Whatever, it's not like I get a higher rate of pay for getting a high score, but you know, I like to do well. :)

Got some food shopping out of the way this morning, so that's good. I'm stocked for the week. Have some article to write this weekend, that should keep me busy for a few hours. Hopefully they are all accepted, it's a nice chunk of change. Then I can sign up for a few more. Have another article I would like to write, April planted the seed in my head, just need to sit and focus for a little bit.

I found someone to take one of my couches, YAY! Now I'll have a little bit more room in the house, so that's good also. I'm thinking about selling my dining room table and the two chairs. I don't really use it, it's mostly a dumping ground for mail and other crap. Something to think about.

I'm kind of sleepy. A nap sounds nice, but, I'll watch some more of the Wire and then see where the day takes me. :)
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