December 9th, 2009

Charlie Brown

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Time to start using the Charlie Brown icon again :)

It was an interesting night at work. I had two calls with equipment changes that seemed to go through fine but then wouldn't work after a few minutes. In both of those cases they were Alltel customers that have been migrated over. No problem usually, except with Alltel they allowed the NAM2 setting which allowed 2 phone numbers on one phone. I don't know why, but they did. The phones still have that functionality, but our network won't accommodate that, so it will go through the system because the phone allows it, but the network won't.

Do you know how to avoid this? SEARCH THE DAMN ESN BEFORE YOU DO THE SWITCH!

*sigh* I think I'll let the training supervisor know that this is going to start being an issue unless they "gently remind" everyone how to do their fucking jobs.

Also, this poor woman was being charged on the eastern time zone while living in the central time zone. The last rep AND tech support said, "Sorry, that's just how it works." Really? Because people in California aren't being charged a daily access fee at 9 p.m. so why is this woman? ohhhhh I see...because no one changed the fucking zip code!! SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?! I expected more out of tech support, although, I don't know why as they constantly don't want to take calls from us. Then again, I can see why. I credited the woman back her money (technically, I shouldn't have, but I consider it good customer service to make up for the fact she spoke to a moron a month ago) for the day's fee and let it go at that. She was very nice by the end of the call, probably because the issue was actually fixed. So ridiculous.

Another RTFM person tonight. Please, people, do NOT push RESTORE PHONE unless you feel like losing every piece of information you have on it. *sigh*

On the plus side, I finished reading "The Rats in the Walls" by H.P. Lovecraft. It only took me about four days between calls to read it. YAY!!! Now I have word searches and crossword puzzles to work on between calls, but I have to wait until after 10 p.m. when the operations managers are finally out of there. Technically, you aren't supposed to be doing anything but waiting for calls. BORING. Especially on the weekends, it's so slow. And now that I am sitting essentially by myself at the end of the night, fuck it. I'm doing a crossword puzzle.
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