December 20th, 2009

Charlie Brown

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I think I screwed up the potatoes for the pot luck. I have to stop at Fry's on the way to work to get something. Oops. I'll eat the potatoes myself because I don't want to waste the food.

I can't wait to get that cash infusion. parilous, can we set up a Costco date for week after xmas? I'm thinking TP, cereal and then see what else they have that I might be able to freeze or whatever. I will FIND space to house that many rolls of TP however. I'm tired of going to the dollar store. Then I'll be headed to Target for new litter boxes and Petco for litter. :)

Someone in the complex is listening to xmas music. It's at a level where you can make out the tune, but not hear the words. Slightly annoying, but I'm too lazy to actually shut the front door.

I'll be restarting the job search at the beginning of the year. In the meantime, I'll also be applying to various delivery jobs for day shifts until I can find something else. Ugh.

And tonight is when the systems update, so my last few hours will be telling people "Sorry, can't do that, but I can answer general questions about your account". YAY!

I'm reading a book right now called "Winkie". It's pretty cute so far. It's about a teddy bear come to life and is suspected of being a terrorist. It's a case of mistaken identity in this case, but the life of the teddy bear has been pretty full. The teddy bear even had a baby!

Ok, need to get ready for work. And the trip to the grocery store for something for the potluck tonight.
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