December 26th, 2009

Charlie Brown

(no subject)

systems can't keep up with orders
orders get hung up in the system
customer doesn't understand and does it again
computer says all done!
phone works for five seconds
queue crashes due to call volume
ivr crashed due to call volume
phones are activated on two phone numbers
computer systems begin to crawl for employees
call times at an all time high
credit card payment system crashes

See all that? Before 4:30 p.m.

That's right, the client and/or my employer are fucking idiots. They have been saying since I started there in OCTOBER that Christmas day and the day after are their two BUSIEST days of the year.'s an idea...DON'T LET YOUR FUCKING SERVERS CRASH.

What sucked the most about the queue crashing, I was on a 45 minute call troubleshooting three phones that were all double activated *bangs head on desk*

Oh, yeah, and they somehow managed to fit about 500 people into 300 seats. don't ask me how, but they did. Of course, I had to move at one point because my seat got jacked during one of my breaks. Nice, huh?
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