May 22nd, 2010

The Office Head Desk

Just needing a small vent...I feel a little better

Friday was insane today, which it generally isn't. Here is the reason why. You see, if you have a prepaid account, you can access the mobile web for a flat fee for 24 hours. No airtime, nothing, just this less than $1 for 24 hours. Pretty good deal, right?

Even better was that it was free! Yes, kids, that's right, free. There was a billing system glitch that would let people get on with a zero balance and just have fun on the interwebs doing whatever they wanted from their mobile phones. The client fixed that little problem.

Some of the doozies:

"Y'all suck. Why you gotta be charging people for the innernet?"
"But, I got on yesterday and I didn't have any money on my balance!"
"It never charged me before? Is this new?"
"Y'all always gotta be takin' all my damn money all the time. Y'all so expensive, I'm gonna go to *competitor*"

All day long I just wished I had a recording, "There was a billing system error on our end that was not charging accounts for mobile web access. They fixed the billing error. You will need to make a payment to your account. Would you like me to take a payment for you today?"

*bangs head into the phone repeatedly*

Oh, and to Mr. Eff You pants, it's not my fault you don't remember that you called someone at 4:00 this afternoon. It's not mobile to mobile therefore it is not "free" as you all love to say, it charged you 30 cents, I'm sorry, but them's the facts. No, tech support can not help you with this, learn to remember what carrier your friends are on if you want to call them outside of your nights and/or weekend calling. If you had bothered to listen to what I was saying, you would have understood that your fee was already covered for Saturday, you were just effed for Sunday if you didn't get a payment on there. Your poor money management is not my issue.

And to Ms. My Grandbaby Had The Phone. LOCK CODE! Seriously? You are calling two days later about "button mashing". Then your grandbaby has some pretty awesome button mashing skills AND is quite the talker, those calls were into over 10 second status. There is no way I was crediting back any of the money to the account. Learn to take some responsibility for your things.
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The Office Head Desk

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They finally fixed the billing glitch that let people get on the mobile web for no charge or with zero balances on their phones. I swear about 40% of my calls today were people confused at a message that said "Insufficient Funds". Hi, that means YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY. MAKE A PAYMENT!

Apparently, the client is doing live monitors. The rumor mill was high speed this afternoon with news of two people being fired for not achieving "first call resolution". I was ready to volunteer my services of not achieving this so that I could get fired and go home. Alas, 'twas not my day to get shitcanned.

Pretty much, thanks to them fixing the web problem, we had a really busy day. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't had to repeat myself so freaking much. 'You need to make a payment.' It was like a mantra.

Also, some guy gave me the ol' "Fuck You" because there was a .30 discrepancy. He says he didn't make the call, my call details say different. Take it to a store and they can look at the phone and see what is up with the difference, but as the equipment wasn't changed on the account, I'm gonna have to side with the computer on this one. Sucks to be you, dude.