May 26th, 2010

Bob Ross

(no subject)

I received a collections notice, delivered in person, from my primary mortgage lender. Fascinating. I'm almost tempted, at this point, to see how far I can push everything. Then again, I don't want to lose the place either. Hmmm.

I submitted my resume again for a new burger place opening in tucson. let's hope they review it and call me this time around :)

not much more to say at this point. headed to tempe tomorrow to meet up with an old family friend at said burger place. have to at least try the food, no?

saw the lost finale. i liked it. at least it didn't cut to black like the sopranos (which, i kind of liked, too, but i'm weird like that).

new family guy is pretty funny. it's called "something something something dark side". check it out.

Ok, headed home. NIGHT!