August 29th, 2010

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So much has gone on over the past two weeks. There has been family strife, looming surgeries, visits to old workplaces, and drunken affairs. I did not have the drunken affair, I am not waiting for surgery, nor have I had the family strife (it's my family, but not my strife). The only thing I've had was the visit to the old workplace.

The visit was nice. I went back to the MGP on speedway, and it was HOT. They still haven't fixed the air conditioning there, which is causing the freezer and ice machine to have issues (duh!), but the paint job was pretty nice. They finally put in a hand sink near the front counter so that you can be a little quicker for washing your hands after handling cash before you go to food. The soda fountain is pretty fancy pants, too. I met a supervisor who had turned in his two weeks that day, and he said that he only heard good things about me. Apparently, I am very missed there. :) That's always nice to hear.

The family strife is marital issues with my BFF and her husband (my uncle). He's being a douche and she is tired of it. Essentially, he's being like that side of my family is. They are working it out.

Looming surgeries involves my mother. She was supposed to have surgery on this past Wednesday, but it was postponed until Monday. I didn't receive a call about the change in the date which means I also didn't receive a call about the outcome. I called my dad on Friday and he said, "Oh, it was moved to Monday. I guess we forgot to call you."

I understand that things get a little hectic, etc. However, I am your ONLY child. Anyways, so it's on Monday. She is going back in for spinal surgery. They are going to fix a few screws and check out some nerve stuff and check for more MRSA. She got MRSA after her first surgery. Nice.

Drunken affairs, well, that's former coworkers at MGP. Oh dear oh dear. Husband got drunk, was blacked out, "woke up" to find himself throwin' it in someone who was not his wife. Wife finds out because he tells her because they may need to get a test for chlamydia. Classy.

In other family news, my parents have received their move out date (I need to find out more about this from them as I didn't hear about it from THEM, rather from my godmother). I don't know if I should volunteer to go out there and help them sort, pack, and move. They can't do the actual move on their own, not with my mother's back and my dad just doesn't really have it in him anymore. He's almost 62, diabetic, and has a host of various medical issues.

I could probably get some time off work, do some part time writing for them while in florida (I'd have to find out from my boss) and i'd probably have to be out there for two weeks. I don't know what to do. Ugh. Sometimes, this is the problem with being an only child, you don't have a sibling to pass this off to.

Anyone have thoughts on what to do about the family move? It would be nice to see the house I grew up in one more time, and of course, my family. On the other hand, would it drive me further insane? Probably. Do I think I would be able to get them to possibly part with the crap they have accumulated for almost 30 years? I'm optimistic, but I'm also a realist, it probably won't be pretty.
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