September 9th, 2010

Your Mom Tattoo

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My eyeball feels a little bit better today than it did yesterday. I'm not quite sure what happened, but I was ready to rip it out of my head yesterday. I bought some soothing redness relief eyedrops, those felt heavenly.

I don't think it's pink eye, it's not so much itching as just discomfort, like there is a hair in my eye or something. I blame contacts. *sigh* I'll try again next week with the contacts. If they do the same thing, well, then I guess I'll just be stuck with glasses.

I am up to 88 reports a month right now. It's a little ridiculous. I've got a little system worked out, so that's good. But, it's a little off kilter since I'm still working on the closed chart stuff. After lunch today, I'll be holed up in the cave again working on the closed charts. Hopefully I can get through another drawer today and get that done. I have a lot of writing to do as far as those charts are concerned, too. No one does freaking discharge summaries.

The European trip is shaping up a bit. We've decided to leave via NY instead of ATL. I could theoretically visit Amada after the trip if I was so inclined. It's going to be a three week thing, though. My first REAL vacation. Yay! Now to get about $7k for it.

I need to get ready to go into work. I've been doing work in the mornings from home, and then going in in the afternoon. That way I can have access to lots of coffee. :)