February 19th, 2011

Bucky Poet

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Here is the cast list for future pizza drama stories. It will be updated as necessary and reposted occasionally to refresh everyone's memory. :)

Big N Bad (BnB) - director of operations
Chuckles - assistant director of operations
Cash Money (CM) - comptroller
Oz - owner of the company

Ponytail - "lead" supervisor at my location
Spitfire - supervisor, and very angry. and pregnant
Scrubbin' Bubbles (SB) - he works hard so we don't have to, also a supervisor

Flaming Hair (FH) - incompetent, chatty, hippie cook
Faux Thug - cook with mulitple tattoos and a penchant for texting
Blank Stare - new cook with no idea of what he is doing

Douchecanoe - dough/prep guy who thinks he is deity's gift to the ladies
Old School (OS) - worked for the company eons ago, now he's back and does dough 2x a week
Wifey - wife of BnB, does dough and prep

Grouchy - driver with the most tenure, is really grouchy
Tweak - high strung twin of Ponytail, good driver...when her car is working
Punkette - kind of dimwitted, but sweet girl who drives a few days a week
Duder - fairly good driver, never really complains about things
Me - *waves*

I think that's pretty much it for now. There was another supervisor (Slow Supervisor) but she has since been fired. I guess I'll go into that in one other posting. Until I can concentrate better, this will have to do for now.