March 28th, 2011

Charlie Brown

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parilous and I staged my condo Saturday for pictures to be taken on Sunday afternoon by the realtor. I had to remove all of my personal pictures, medications, and anything that I did not want to see take a walk. There was a bit of sadness in packing away photos of family and friends. Rearranging what was left in the bookcase to make it appear full but with things that would not reveal a political affilitation, religious orientation, or really, who I AM. Then again, they aren't buying me, they are just buying the house. So, here are some pictures for posterity. My first home, staged for sale:

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And that's the house. parilous kicked so much butt by cleaning the carpets and hauling out trash and windexing anything that would sit still long enough for her to windex it. And she cleaned the stovetop. I can't begin to express the joy I felt in seeing that stove cleaned. I am a lazy bastard and I hate cleaning the stove. She is fantastic for doing that. And wiping down the refrigerator. Doing my dishes. Helping me move furniture. Breaking storage room locks. That was particularly fun. Eating ice cream bars. Making me aware of double double protein style burgers.

Shout out to the lady of the year!