November 23rd, 2011

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I'm working on Thanksgiving. I volunteered to work. I don't go to anyone's house, I don't have family in town. And, honestly, I'm happy for it. It's like a stress free day. But, if given the opportunity to make a few dollars, I'll gladly take it. So I did. I said, "Hey, I'll work! Yaaay me!"

A lot of our customers seem upset that we are going to be open on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't know if it's sincere anger that they have that we "have" to work on a holiday, or if it's a show of "solidarity" with us against the "evil bosses" who "make us work during the holidays". Yet, there wasn't this sense of "anger" when we had to work July 4th, Labor Day, Columbus Day, or even Veteran's Day. Just Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't understand it. Not to mention, when I worked my birthday, maybe a few people commented on "having" to work on my birthday, but I explained that it's just another day, really, and it was on a Monday. I can't go out on a Monday! :D

I also don't see these same people being upset that some grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, fire departments, police departments, and movie theaters are open on these oh so holy holidays. If these things were closed on these days people would be in an uproar. Meh, whatever. My coworker and I are wondering if someone will bring us a plate of food tomorrow. That would be fun! :D