March 14th, 2012

Sam Waterston

(no subject)

I bought some pecan pie in honor of Pi Day today. :)

Tomorrow I get to go to a taping of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me"! Yay! I have a new dress and everything. I'll see if I can get my camera in there if they have a picture session or something. Finally get to see Carl Kassel and Peter Segal. Yaay!

We hired a new guy at work. He is a nice guy. I got to work with him alone yesterday. Normally, that would be fine, get a little employee time in, get to talk smack blah blah blah. But, the problem, you see, is that he isn't fully trained yet. Effectively, I worked alone for five hours yesterday. Normally, that's fine, the problem is that we were busy. I had other things I needed to get done in order to get him out of there that I couldn't get to because I had to make drinks. I'm paying for it with my body today. Very sore. It should be a little easier the rest of the week. Even though it is just two people on Sunday, I'll be working with one of my other fellow employees, so I'll be able to get done what I need to get done without having to worry about taking care of windows.

Not much else going on in my world. Obviously, as I haven't been posting that much. And now to lay down and relax on the rest of my day off.