May 6th, 2012

Scrabble Cow

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Trying the online dating thing. So far, I've had one dude message me, but, I couldn't really understand his message. Rather disjointed. Then I realized English wasn't his first language. Does it make me a bad person that I didn't respond? Especially since I've sent out two messages, but have received no response back from those guys. Meh. Whatever.

Work is work. There is a possibility of getting vacation time from them over the summer. We'll see. It's all conjecture and hearsay and rumor and innuendo at this point.

I got some awesome toesocks from the Awesomesocks exchange via Reddit. They are cow themed. Nice. My giftee hasn't received her package yet. I hope she can pick it up tomorrow.

I've begun a tentative search for a new apartment. I'll probably move Thanksgiving week. If I can find a place that is decent, anyways. I hate the idea of moving AGAIN. I think I hate the idea of living here longer than I need to more than the idea of moving. So it balances out.