July 24th, 2012

Satchel Sigh

(no subject)

Just came from the eye doctor. I had already made an appointment last week to see him today, but I noticed something odd in my vision that popped up over the weekend. I had the full testing done (vision field test and dilation).

My eyesight has gotten slightly worse, but that's ok. I'm aging, don't have the best diet, and you know, whatever. The problem is that I have a spot in/on my retina. I need to go see a retinal specialist. I have no health insurance. He downplayed it, said more than likely it's just something benign, but I should get it checked out. He also said that I was one of the steadiest patients he has ever had (when he was looking into my eye after the dilation. That kind of hurt (the light shining in). I told him I've had almost thirty years of practice, so I've gotten pretty good at being still. :)

I have a referral for the specialist. I'll call within the next week to see about setting up an appointment and how much it will be and if they will work with a payment plan or something. I don't want to lose my sight. I rather like seeing. You know, so I can drive and work and read and hang out and pet kitties and clean houses and drive. Mostly the driving :)