March 10th, 2016


In other news

I managed to score a part time job with an insurance company. I can see the end of coffee.


They moved the position to Phoenix.

sigh. back to the drawing board.

In the meantime, I've decided to donate some baked goods to the Big Annual Vegan Bake Sale next month. Along with some of my time if they need it. I have an order for some muffins from a friend for April, as well.

In other news, we might be moving house again. We discussed pros and cons. I need to see if I renegotiate the lease. There are a few things with the place that we just aren't happy with, but well, we'll see.

I spoke with a guy who is trying to open a commissary kitchen in town. There is only one kitchen right now and it's fully booked. (as an aside, I'm watching Madam Secretary, and her oldest daughter is not wanting to go to college right now, so they said, ok get a job and she started whining about how she didn't want to work in an office or be a waitress, she wanted to work on her novel. ugh. seriously.) So this guy already has a money making venture in his hands.

I'm thinking about using this lady's business model for my own meal delivery service. Thoughts on that?

Ok. I'm losing my train of thought.