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I was just sitting here, reading my little entries from the various communities I belong to and my friends list and there is a knock on the door. I'm thinking it's my cousin and the baby, and wondering why she's knocking. Alas, it was...the Jehovah's Witnesses.

WHY WHY WHY do they bother me all the time???

And now, they have an even more subversive way of getting in. The guy was talking about how organized religion is bad. Umm..okay, so get out of it. Worship on your own, read your bible on your own and live it if you need to, but practice what you preach. That's what I said in my head. In the meantime, while he's reading me scripture (because I can't slam the door in someone's face, I'm even nice to telemarketers) I'm trying to keep the cat in the house, because she just LOOOOVES to escape, and then I have to give her a bath because she gets filthy.

I just wanted to share. And my back feels 100% better. It still hurts, but it feels better. :) Okay...that is all.

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