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I was tagged by footnotefetish to name six sexy songs and...I'm at a loss. I can agree with his words on "Dummy" by Portishead, but I would recommend Glory Box as the sexy song.

I think the problem that I'm running into here is that my brain isn't very focused on music. I sat here for about an hour Friday when I got home from work trying to come up with something and couldn't think of anything other than Glory Box, The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails (justjay understands my reasoning for this) and then I was stumped. I mean, I could say Sadeness by Enigma (wasn't that the sex0rz album of the 90s?) or I could recommend the Art of Noise...but I never remember the name of the song. Very big in 1993-1995 around there somewhere.

I had someone once try to seduce me with "The Wall" and it almost worked. Ok, it did work, but we were interrupted before it got too far. Led Zeppelin does it for me, too. I was listening to that ROIO at work and was very, err...moved, by this one song they did, but, I know not the title :( I guess I'll have to google it or something.

So, I have failed. *hangs head in shame*

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