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Lions, Elephants and Moral Dilemmas

Had a nice weekend, had Sidney for the day, she was a good baby. Went to Lion Country Safari on Saturday, took the baby with us, bought annual passes so now we can go whenever we want :) Yay us. Sat and watched the lions for about a half hour. They were cool and playful. Which is rare, because every time I've ever gone there, they were sleeping or lolling about.

Rested on Sunday and bought the paint for my room, just have to call the insurance guy and see if they can come check for mold, because I have been continually sick for the past few weeks while I've had this hole in my ceiling. So, I'm wondering if there is a mildew/mold problem going on up there. I'm not looking for compensation, we found a mold killer we will probably buy, we just want to know if there is any in there.

Okay, so here's the
I found out from one of my coffee shop coworkers that B was involved in some interesting antics over the weekend. First off, she lured some guy into the woods with two of her friends, handcuffed him and (this is what I understood it to be) they took turns making out with him. I don't know if it went any further than that, I wasn't able to get that information out of mr. coworker.
Now this guy that they took out there had made B quite upset earlier in the week, from which she called out sick from work because she got so worked up about what he said. Which I just found out what he said, "I would fuck all of your friends, but I would never fuck you."
Nice, huh?

Okay. So, he's an asshole. That's not a reason to kidnap someone. And yes, when held against your will, that's being kidnapped. FELONY MUCH?

THEN, I find out that one of her friends is staying with her for a week or so, since she's on summer vacation. She's only 15. She was screwing a 21 year old for 2 1/2 hours in B's mom's house. I don't know if mom was home or not, but they both think that mom doesn't know. If mom doesn't know, I'm sure she knows something is out, she's not that clueless. Anyways, 15 y/o has got hickeys on her neck that almost resemble strangle marks. The only reasons mr. coworkers knows they aren't strangle marks is because there aren't any handtype prints, finger marks that sort of thing, they look more like hickeys. So, 15 y/o's dad comes looking for her over the weekend while B is at work. 15 y/o was freaking out for good reason.

So, here's the dilemma. Do I tell B's older sister, who is one of my very best friends? Or do I just let sleeping dogs lie?

Mr. Coworker had some words with B during work about what was going on, and she had excuses for everything. "Well, we didn't get caught." "I had to teach him a lesson." etc.

Let me know what you all think about this one. I have to get some work done now :)

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