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Got some grocery shopping done. Woo! I bought organic strawberry yogurt. We'll see how this goes. The Yoplait(TM) was tasty, but it contains HFCS which is probably WHY it was tasty. Got more granola, too, so that should help it if it doesn't taste that good. Gave myself a sort of pedicure. No nail polish, but did all the pumice/razoring/clipping. My feet felt even better after I massaged them with this milk and honey shea butter stuff. Now...socks! :)

I am SUCH a girl. I used to think that going to get a pedicure would be icky. But it's great. Unfortunately, not in the budget, so diy baby! I watched "House on Haunted Hill" this evening during dinner. The Vincent Price version. So cheesetastic. I think if I hadn't seen it before, I probably would have been a little scared. But, I knew what was coming, so the scare/chill factor goes down quite a bit. Ah well, better than watching crap TV reruns. :)

I am now going to retire, as I am very sleepy tired and have a big long week ahead of me. When is the next holiday again? :)

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