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I think I found some lint

Listened to "Holes" by Louis Sacher at work today. Ok, I totally teared up at the end. I think I need to see the movie now, which I also heard was excellent. It shall go in the queue. Got Bobbie's wedding invite today. Very lovely. So, now I'll have 2 on the fridge. One for her and one from one of my B&N friends, Liz.

On the drive home I did some thinking, and I think I'll probably write Heather a letter about my recent not very friendly behavior. Writing it out is much easier for me than just saying it. Well, if we were in person, I could probably say it better, but I suck at this kind of thing over the phone, because you can only tell so much by tone of voice. I prefer to see the person's face when I say things. But, with a letter, I think I can still get my point across. And since it's not instantaneous like IMing, it'll go easier. For me at least. :)

I daresay, I'm almost ashamed of my behavior, but...it's a human reaction right? *sigh* ah well, it can all go in the letter. I am thinking more and more of a roller skating party for birthdays next month. Thoughts? Would anyone show up? I wonder how much packages are...hmmm...things to research at work tomorrow. I can't really do any real work at work tomorrow because they have put a hold on my entering invoices. They have to go over the budget before I can adjust the numbers. Heard a funny story from the PM. He tells me that the big boss called him at 4:30 on Friday afternoon. Now, in the field, work usually stops around 1:30-3:00, depending on when the guys showed up in the morning. It's hot outside, so they want to get as much done as possible before it gets insanely hot. Makes sense to me. The main office, well, they are 8-5. So, keeping in mind that someone has to be there to open the gate, that means that the PM was probably there around 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. and now it's 4:30 (on a Friday) and he still has about a 45 minute drive back home (he lives up in the foothills). Don't get me wrong, he's being well compensated for his time, but...have a heart! The story gets better though. Big boss calls and wants to go over some reports. Well, the PM didn't have me print them out before I left. Big boss knows I live across the street from the project and he says, "Well, call Alica (probably spelled Alicshia, he changes my name every week) and have her come back and print one for you." and the PM says, "Uh, I don't have her number and I think she goes directly to her other job after this one."

Now...*I* am not on salary. If I was, it would be no problem. But, I'm not. I mean, I'm all for go team and corporate spirit and all that nonsense, but, uh...no. Not at 5:00 p.m. on a Friday after I've already put in my 8 hours. I don't think so. And it's no accident that they don't have my number, either. I can reach them, but they can't reach me. :) (10 points to whoever catches that reference)

So, kudos to PM for telling BB no way Jose. Besides, at 5 p.m. I was leaving the house to go get a fruit plate for the potluck at work for the going away of one of the night shift supers. I wonder if everyone ate all the fruit. :)

So, yeah, funny stories and navelgazing and references to things. That is/was my day. Wasn't it exciting? I knew you would think so. You may now return to reading your regularly scheduled journal entries.

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