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Listening to Psychopath by Scott Ablow. Pretty good so far. I stayed about 20 minutes late at work to finish the chapter. It's so weird to see, "I'm listening to a new book right now." Ah well. Anyways, it's dealing with one of my interests, serial killers. This guy is completely off the map though. Not fitting into the nice categories that the profiling community has developed over the years (Hi Mssrs Douglas and Ressler!). The really shitty thing about the character is...he's a nice guy. He seems compassionate and he's a CHILD PSYCHIATRIST!! On the one hand, I'm pulling for him to overcome it, but, knowing that psychopathy is incurable, well...I know it's a lost cause. But, there is this one scene in the book that got me to thinking. He approaches this woman in a deserted rest area. It is just the two of them in upstate NY. And the author describes all her hesitations and then her relenting to help this person in need. And it made me think, yes...that is exactly what I would do. And for the dumbest reason: I wouldn't want them to NOT like me. Gavin DeBecker goes into this a bit in his book The Gift of Fear (which is excellent and everyone should read it...now). One of my old professors even recommended this book. Unfortunately, you find it in the Self Help section of the bookstore. Technically, yes, it is helping yourself learn to listen to your intuition, etc...but, it's so much more than pop psychology type stuff. Anyways, what was I saying? Oh yeah, so, this guy winds up killing this lady after she lets him into her car. *sigh* WHY DID SHE LET HIM INTO THE CAR?!?!? I found myself asking that, but the reason was clear: she didn't want him to not like her and he was offering to help her find her way to her destination.
Then I started thinking about an incident that occured two weeks ago. I was leaving Chaffin's restaurant and was getting into my car. I have a personalized license plate featuring Florida State University (my alma mater) and do get comments every now and then from people from "Go Noles!" to "GO GATORS!! WOO!!! WOO!!!" the Gators being the rival to FSU. So, I get in the car and I start it and all of a sudden there is a loud knock on my window!
THUD THUD THUD is how my heart was beating and I saw this dude standing there. White guy, probably in his 40s wearing a red baseball cap, I think it had the UofA A on it, can't remember now and a sweatshirt (which I thought was rather odd in this heat, but it was still morning, so hey, whatever!) and what did I do? I rolled the window down. Was that dumb or what? And he says, "I'd rather it said Canes. I'm a Miami man." and he walked away. WTF?!?!?

You approached a person by themself in a parking lot where there is NO ONE ELSE AROUND, knock LOUDLY on their window, scare the shit out of them to tell them you are UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI GRADUATE??? Common sense must not have been taught there. (Sorry, Amada!) I was dumbfounded. As I backed out of the parking space I wanted to run him over and scream at him for being so ridiculous. DO NOT approach someone like that. I'm already on guard walking through half deserted parking lots, even in the middle of the day, making sure no one is trying to mug me for my cell phone and $3 or steal my car and you want to knock on the window and tell me that you are a Miami graduate.

But, I was more upset with myself later for having rolled the window down. I wanted him to like me.

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