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Got to listen to some good ol' fashioned work bitching at 2nd job tonight. That was fun. I was bad and took about an hour break. Oops. So many people screw around up there, I don't think it was noticed :) If it was, oh well. They can reprimand me. I'm not usually so blase about work like I am with this job, I think it's knowing that I won't be putting it on my resume (no need really, just a drone, doesn't help me much in job seeking) and that it's almost over (end of August). Ah well, it made the drudgery of hitting enter all night go by much faster.
My car insurance went down about $15, that's VERY happy news. :) :) :) :)

Talked to my friend in Jacksonville, she's going to Bobbie's wedding also so she'll be splitting a room with me and Heather. Makes it just that much cheaper. Thank goodness. Also makes it that much more fun. I am seriously contemplating just taking a week off to go to this thing. Leave the Thursday before and come back that Wednesday. For one thing it's anywhere from $100-300 savings on a plane ticket. I'll have to see where I am employed at that time. Still haven't heard back about PA job. Must call tomorrow. Fridays are useless in the work world, but a necessity. Otherwise we'd just be this bad on a Thursday :)

Haven't been sleeping very well at night. I can't seem to shut my brain off. I mentioned to Heather that I have been living more and more inside my mind. This is not a good thing. I am starting to wonder what was real and what was in my head. "Did that really happen, or is that something that I made up?" Oh boy. I think because I have been a bit isolated the past few days. The peeps I usually talk to have been MIA but are coming back this week, so that's good :) :) :)

Besides, birthday is coming soon...that means PRESENTS!! WOO!! :) :)

Vaash is whining to go out. *sigh* I wish he wouldn't scratch at the door like that. Ah well, soon Vaash...soon you will get to go on leashed walks with me. hehehehe don't want him to run off after all.

Right. Bed. Night :)

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