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Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


It shall become part of the DVD collection.

I didn't see the Michael Jackson links people have been making. *rolls eyes*

Anyways, great movie. Also got some sweet picture frames at Ross. Tried on a lime green tank top and vetoed it right away. Ah well.

April gave me a 20% discount to Old Navy, even on sale stuff, so I'll check them out tomorrow maybe. I'm leaning towards lime green for the show :) (Oakland 9/30) I think that would be an appropriate color to stand out amongst all the black. Anyways, got the frames and some coffee. Tried on a sweet pair of shoes, but they were a little pinchy on the toes, so I declined. April got sweet pair of red shoes. Alica <--jealous

Tonight, I hope to finish my book. Tomorrow, cleaing and cooking and TACOS.

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