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Insomnia is not to my taste

I can't sleep. I tried a cup of tea, I tried laying with the lights off snuggled under a sheet hugging my pillow. I tried to read for a bit. Nothing is working.


This is going to suck tomorrow.

I feel like there should be a reason for what is wrong, but I don't know if it is anything that I can put into words. I just can't shut my brain off. I think this is one of the things that happens when you live alone and don't socialize much (or, just don't have the opportunity to do such things) you start spending all this time in your head and you can't find a way out.

I'm beginning to wonder what's real and what's just imagination. I sometimes wonder why I have advice and thoughts on everything around me, but I can't seem to apply any of that advice to my own life. Or, I can apply it, but can't seem to act on it. I think this is why I can't shut my brain off.


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