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I took a mental health day. I needed it. I fell back asleep until about 9, Heather called and then fell back asleep until about 11 or so. Even Vaash let me rest. I went to 2nd job at 3 and worked until 11. I think I have my overtime covered for the week. I'll probably still go in early on Friday and stay late until tomorrow. The sleep I got today completely refreshed me.
I have been contemplating leaving 2nd job after next week. Doing 70 hour weeks at 2 places is not very healthy for me I am coming to realize :) At least, pretzel dinners aren't really that healthy for me. I'll see how the rest of this week goes and see if they are issuing mandatory overtime again. I knew it would be part of the job when I started, but I now know that if you work on Saturdays and are not scheduled you only receive your base pay, not the differential. That's hardly an incentive for me to do OT on Saturdays.
I put a word out into the universe to see me towards at least an interview for the job, lady didn't call me today. I'll call again tomorrow. I'm cutting her a small bit of slack since yesterday was her first day back from vacation. Everyone needs a moment to catch up, non?

Tomorrow will definitely be nose to the grindstone on filing and closing out contracts. I feel slightly guilty for not going in, but that is a fleeting feeling. I am more worried about what they did to my desk. :)

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