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Chatted with my dad a bit on the phone on my way to work this evening. That was nice. He's so silly. The car is still broken down, no idea what's wrong with it. Well, he has some idea, but he wants this other guy to look at it and the guy is really backed up right now. *sigh* My mom has been catching rides with people for about two weeks now.

I got to work and attempted to log in and...SERVER DOWN.
About an hour later they got it working. So, I got paid to socialize for an hour and got a job lead for the TUSD. (Tucson School District for those not in the know) More than likely won't get it as they like to hire from within. Still worth a shot. They pay for your benefits (health) if you are on an individual plan. Yay! And...two months off in the summer. Sweet! Have to budget accordingly. I am going to call the lady *again* tomorrow and see what the hell is up. I need to find the nicest way to say, "Are they interested or are you just jerking me around or what?"

lunarcamel found a job lead for the orchestra. They need a PR person. Going to apply for that as well.

The rain this evening was FABULOUS to watch. I stood outside for about five minutes, didn't get soaked, but it felt so good to just let it rain on my face. We kept hoping the power would go out. It didn't. Oh, around the corner it did, just not in our building. Dangit. Ah well. I got to finish "Solitary Blue." Seriously, I was crying for this kid a few times. His mother was so manipulative. Tomorrow, I listen to "Fat Tuesday" by Sandra Brown. I listened to "Standoff," another of her books and found myself having to fast forward through the 15 minute sex scene. *rolls her eyes* So ridiculous. I am far from a prude, but the way it was written (I listened to a good five minutes) was just so...bodice ripper-esque. Couldn't even deal. I kept waiting to hear "throbbing manhood." Maybe she did write that, but I wasn't going to find out. I would probably have busted into laughs if I had. :)

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