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Because I'm waiting for the exedrin pm to kick in

Yesterday saw Charlie again. Went with new acquaintance, Cara. I met her through Craigslist. She put out a call for some friends and I answered (she seemed fairly normal in her post). She is completely normal :)
Turns out we live in the same complex. She lives near the front and I'm in the back. There was some confusion as to which laundry room to meet at, but she gave me a call and I picked her up and off we went. I hope I didn't scare her too much with my driving. :)

I invited her to party on the 20th. She can't roller skate but she can bowl! Woo! This will be a good way for her to meet new people, too. I am very pleased with my new dining room area. It looks more homey and just more...I don't know...happy I guess.

The magazines I ordered with my unused skymiles are starting to pour in. I have a lot of reading to do.

I've been delving into the world of fanfic. Sad, I know. This comm, deleterius, has been so amusing. They "spork" fanfic, mostly Harry Potter stuff, but I've seen a few LOTR also. I had to do some research to find out what a "Mary Sue" was, and now I know. Wikipedia is my friend. So, that's always fun for a chuckle. Of course, I had to go read some nonsporked fanfic. My brain hurt afterwards.

Tomorrow, I start doing contract closeouts and getting the rest of the notebooks ready to get packed up (after the job is over). Saturday, they had the ribbon cutting, but I passed on attending. They kept asking me to go and I asked if it was mandatory, they said no. I said, 'Ok, then I won't be there. Sorry, it's not my idea of a good time to be there with a bunch of children smearing ketchup everywhere.' It was a barbecue and stuff. I didn't mean to sound mean, but, honestly, I hate being there during the week, I don't want to be there on my day off.

Ok, the PM is kicking in a bit, so I am going to head to bed. Night! :)

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