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Right, so, Mariah (lunarcamel) and I shall be celebrating our birthdays on August 20th. My birthday is on the 22nd and Mariah's is the 24th. So, please, come help us celebrate :)
Info below:

Skate Country, 7980 E. 22nd St.
$5 admission, $2 skate rental

4-6 p.m. BOWLING!
Lucky Strike, 4015 E. Speedway
$2.60/game (per person), $2.50 shoe rental
**Please note that this is the "Cyber bowl" afternoon, and we have been promised a "futuristic light show". Whoo!!

7-whenever p.m. PIZZA! CAKE! BOOZE OR SODA!
Mama's Pizza, 4500 E. Speedway #78

There are a few things to note here:

1. These components are optional. If you don't want to come roller skating, meet us at the bowling alley. If you've got an aversion to balls&pins, come skate with us, go do your own thing, and catch up with us at dinner. If you hate all round objects, show up at Mama's and have a sandwich. You are not obligated to spend all day with us, but you are
invited to.

2. The skate place is in Egypt. I know. I'm thinking if it's a big enough concern we could all meet at my house and caravan over. But that might be complicated if, say, you don't want to come bowling. Lemme know what you think.

3. SOCKS. It is summertime and if you're running around in sandals, you are definitely going to want to bring socks with you because of the public-use skates/bowling shoes you'll be encountering. Might want to bring more than one pair.

4. Times are iffy and approximate. If we're not there yet, we will be.

5. Presents are not necessary or expected. To be maudlin and unwitty about it, presence is more important.

6. Speaking of presence, if you could give me something resembling an RSVP (for dinner specifically), I would appreciate it. I need to figure out how much of a horde to tell Mama's to expect. You are, of course, free to bring significant others or family members (including children, as long as you don't mind subjecting them to the swearing Mariah (and probably many others) *WILL* be doing on roller skates for the first time in god knows how many years), friends, bored roomates, etc etc.

7. For RSVPs, please email me. I would say call me, but since I am working all the time I am not able to answer my phone that much. :) locakitty at gmail.com is the best way to get a hold of me...OR...just comment here! Even easier! I'll be giving a count to Mariah so we can amend our reservation at the Mama's Pizza. Preferably by the 15th for final RSVPs (we like to have things in order beforehand).

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