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Weight Watchers

Okay. So, I just ordered my little at home kit. I finally decided to do it. After visiting Anne and noticing how great she looked, and I know that it worked for Sarah, I decided to order my own kit.

I had been reluctant before because I hate meeting a bunch of strangers and lamenting about the fatness of ourselves. So, now I don't have to meet anyone.

I must say, Anne looked great. She was never obese, just carried that extra 20 or so pounds that always kind of made her feel not that good. So, in order to look FABULOUS for her wedding, she ordered the at home kit after MLK day. I think she started near the end of February and in mid June she had lost her 20 pounds plus just a bit more to allow her to gain a bit on her honeymoon so that she can be at her perfect weight. She was much happier too, not only because she was getting married, but because she was finally comfortable in her own skin (well, as comfortable as Anne can ever be) :)

So. As soon as I get the kit, I'll probably be using LJ a bit to keep my goals in order, besides letting you all know about the rather mundane aspects of my life and the life that goes on around me.

But, my main goal is that this time next year I will have lost 65 pounds. That is half of what I have to lose to get to the high end of my goal weight. And, I know that I have a tendency to build more muscle mass, which in a way is cool, and I know that muscle weighs more than fat, so, I won't be a slave to the scale. So, in addition to that poundage goal, I want to be 4 sizes smaller by this time next year. Back to my freshman high school weight/size.

Yes, kiddies, this has been a lifelong struggle, and one that is soon to end (I hope) :)

Wish me luck.

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