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Gettin' caught in the rain...

That's right, I had that song in my head for about an hour last night, now it's your turn to share my pain. Work was ok, saw a family of quail on the block wall around the patio. So cute! Guess it was time to teach the babies how to fly around or something. They were adorable. I kicked myself for not bringing my camera.

Then, it was raining when I left work. No big deal, wasn't coming down too hard or anything. Got closer to home and it was coming down a bit harder, so I got my keys and phone and left everything else in the car. No need for everything to get wet. I was in the rain for less than five minutes and was soaked through. It was great. I was jogging barefoot through the puddles and just enjoying the coldness of the rain.

After I dried off, I snuggled up in my robe. Something I haven't done in a while. It was really nice. Should have had some hot tea, too. Ah well. I also have received 2 packages so far for birthday! Yay! UPS decided that instead of leaving the package in the safety of the office, it would be best to toss it on my patio instead. You know, since nothing ever gets stolen from there. Asshats. Haven't opened it yet though. Gotta wait six more days. woot woot woot

:D :D :D :D :D :D

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