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I appreciate that people love their children and that they are proud of every poop and every word spoken (for the under 5 set, it gets iffier as children get older), however...I don't care to hear it.

See, I'm sorry that the overworked and underpaid day care worker thinks that your kid has ADD and that you can't deal with the fact that she can't deal with your son because she has about 20 other 4 year olds that she has to keep an eye on for $8/hr (if she's lucky). But, I don't want to hear how your son said, "Mom, I'm thinking about thinking." and you proclaim it to be more profound than the works of Spinoza. Descartes said, "I think therefore I am." and I'm sure his parents didn't gush all over it and demand validation from their coworkers.

I'm also happy that your 4 year old knows what a cube is. Yay! He has a grasp of 3-D vs. 2-D, he's ahead of the pack. Get him tested, spare me the search for, "Isn't that great for a four year old??"

Not really, I would hope he would have some basic knowledge of shapes and the names for them.

But, what can you do? You nod, say, "Oh my! What a smart child! He's the next great thinker of our time!"

In other news, I am debating staying at 2nd job until midnight tonight to snag as many hours as possible for the rest of the week. We'll see how I feel as the night wears on. I got caught last night answering my cell phone. I guess I said hello a little too loudly or something. Would you believe it was a telemarketer? Anyways, I was on about ten seconds. Hung up and next thing I know there is a supervisor on me barking at me that I can't use my phone on the floor. I apologize, explain I have been expecting a phone call, but that that wasn't it but I wasn't sure if it was them because of the number that popped up. "It doesn't matter, you have to take the phone off the floor and call them back from downstairs." "Ok...no problem. back off."
seriously, she about took my head off. I understand, you are doing your job and you want to make sure I am the most productive employee I can be, however, uh, see that guy next to me? Yeah, he and the person next to him have been fucking around for about an hour now chit chatting and gossiping about various people in the office. Nice to see you around to smack that down. Oh, and when the team lead that sits three seats down from me is on her cell phone, yeah, good to see you managing that, too. Thanks. I'll be sure to take all calls outside now. *rolls eyes* You know what's really funny? That was the first time I have EVER taken a call at work. Figures. At least she's not my normal supervisor and it's only 8 more days. EIGHT MORE DAYS! WOO!

UPS is hiring...maybe I'll go over there next. :) Get buff from lifting packages. That would rock.

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