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I feel kind of like a zombie. Well, maybe, I'm not really sure what a zombie feels like. I would imagine it is something similar to this though. Kind of foggy, eyes are a little burny, want to eat brains, you know, the usual.

Worked late last night, had to finish listening to HP6. Nothing like pressing the enter key for about 6 and a half hours. Woo! I am so happy I don't have to see that place for another three days. Yay!! Did 50 hours in 9 days, what an accomplishment...or something. I'll probably be pulling late hours all next week since it's the last full week and I want to get as much out of that place as I can so I can get the plane tickets I need. Stupid flights.

Dammit justjay, why can't you live in San Diego? I could have driven there!!
Jokes! Jokes! Calm down.

New default icon, thanks goes to Tony for finding and cropping. Yay! It's pretty funny. I can't wait to read tonight. Just reading and reading and sipping and reading. Ahhhh

I also can't wait to skate and bowl *jumps up and down* YAY!!

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