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Great time today. Got on skates for the first time in over ten years. Maybe 15 years. Wow.

I was told it was graceful, at least I landed on the fleshy part of my right buttock :) As the time wore on though, I got a little better. Probably won't get back on skates for another fifteen years though, glad I didn't buy any on ebay when the impulse hit me. Anyways, that was great fun, I just know I'm going to be paying for it tomorrow. But, that's ok, just doing laundry and groceries anyways. Don't need to walk around much for that stuff.

Bowling, wow...I suck. Got a 43 at the end of the second game. Oy vey! That's ok, still good times. Then...PIZZA AND CAKE! WOO! Even managed to get a beer in there. But...there was a tense moment near the end...Frank Zappa was mentioned and all hell broke loose. I shall keep all Frank Zappa thoughts to my self from now on :)

But, it was great meeting all these new people, hanging out and having fun. I'll post some pictures later, I am exhausted right now though.


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