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Potter Fever and Sunburns

So. I didn't preorder HP&TOOTP because I knew that the bookstore would have a gagillion zillion copies. So, I drug(?) my friend to a bookstore about a half hour away, even though I said, "Let's go to Publix, they are having a wine and cheese party to celebrate the new book." "No, let's go to B&N so I can get a mocha coconut frappuccino with extra coconut crunchies."
So, off we go. We get there at 10:50, get in line, get to the door, about 20 minutes later when some woman comes out of the store and says, "Hey, you guys don't have to wait in line if you didn't preorder your book."

So, rock on, no more waiting in line. Big fucking mistake. See, they were giving you tickets to determine the order in which you could purchase the book. If I had taken the ticket when I was about to, I would have probably been able to get out of the store around 12:15 instead of 1:00 a.m. I was sleepy when I got home, but I had to start reading it. After five chapters, and an hour later, I had to put it down for I had to get some sleep because today I was spending the day with my godkids and my cousin and some chick from work.
We went to this big yard sale being sponsored by a few local radio stations and I managed to find Meddle and The Wall by Pink Floyd for $1 each, on vinyl. Also, Iron Butterfly's In-a-gad-da-vida (sp?), also on vinyl and Elton John's Too Low for Zero (promotional copy, which I prefer to collect). Woo! Would have spent more time at this guy's table, but the baby was getting heavy, and trying to help me look through the records. Then we went to the mall, I got some new shirts and a new pair of work pants. All desperately needed.

Good day indeed, but I'm exhausted. Must go read about Harry and listen to Meddle. :)

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