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The only reason I went to work tonight was because I thought I'd have some streamers and a balloon or two on my cubicle. Nothing. At least I get paid. I am so over even working there now. I think I'll be applying to UPS tomorrow. Got nothing better to do.

I received a plethora of cards today and a present from one footnotefetish, thanks! It's great! :)
I'll be listening to that at work tomorrow night. I had to get through Me Talk Pretty One Day tonight, I think I scared a few coworkers with my laughing during the tales of learning French in Normandy.

I got a check from my parents in an odd amount. So, I called to thank them and asked why such a weird number and my mom told me that my dad said, "Oh, it made my checkbook even." This is the kind of stuff that he does. :) Such a card.

Going to send out thank you cards this week to everyone. I even got a call from my friend Anne in Kentucky. It was a good way to finish the end of my workday at first job. She may even be coming out here in January!! If so, there will be a hike, coffee drinking and discussion of neurological disorders. :)

7 more days of second job, then a breather for a bit. Whew! :) :) :)

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