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I can't even...I just...*sigh*

Bobbie says: new super!
Alica says: w00t!
Bobbie says: his name is Joaquin, and none of the gringos in here can say it!
Alica says: wahkeen
Alica says: how can they not say that?
Bobbie says: Joqueen
Alica says: no
Bobbie says: dunno
Alica says: no no no
Alica says: joqueen?
Alica says: no no no
Bobbie says: they wanna pronounce the j and the q
Alica says: like joaquin phoenix
Bobbie says: like white people
Alica says: are they fucking retarded?
Bobbie says: IIIIIII know
Bobbie says: they don't

Alica says: *headdesk*x20
Bobbie says: yes
Bobbie says: yes
Bobbie says: yes
Bobbie says: yes
Bobbie says: yes
Bobbie says: god help us

Alica says: *sob*
Bobbie says: indeed</b>
Alica says: can you make them say it right?
Alica says: can you?
Alica says: bobbie?
Alica says: please?
Alica says: *pleads*
Bobbie says: i am TRYING
Bobbie says: i am saying gringos, por favor

Alica says: hehehe
Bobbie says: waaaaaaaaah keeeeeen
Bobbie says: like wahkeen phenix
Bobbie says: and they are all, huh?
Bobbie says: who?
Bobbie says: and then, i cry

Alica says: they didn't see gladiator?
Bobbie says: you know, the talented young actor
Bobbie says: brother of RIVER?

Alica says: he was caeser
Bobbie says: HELLLOOOOOO
Alica says: duh
Alica says: *sigh*
Alica says: joqueen
Alica says: asshats
Alica says: *sigh*
Bobbie says: juakeen
Alica says: jewakeen?
Bobbie says: jewahkeen
Bobbie says: this is the other bastardization

Alica says: *shudder*
Bobbie says: yes
Bobbie says: i know

Alica says: jewahkeen
Alica says: *weeps some more*
Alica says: see, bobbie, this is why YOU are an honorary mexican
Alica says: and not them
Bobbie says: exactly
Bobbie says: they are at least apologetic for their whiteness

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