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So, I finished Harry Potter last night. Whew, what a read. Good stuff. 4.5 out of 5 :) I think I just had my expectations too high since I have been waiting for three years for it to come out.

Anyways, so, I had to threaten someone with getting fired today if they didn't shape up at the coffee shop. I feel kind of bad coming down on her, but she hasn't been up to her usual excellent standards lately.

And, of course, true to form, she had a million excuses ready to explain her behavior. "Well, I've had a lot going on lately."
I know most of what's been going on, your typical 18 year old angst issues. I answered her, "All of us have something going on and we are all doing just fine at work. So, while you are on your vacation (her last one was 3 months ago mind you) think about whether or not you want to continue working here."

So, that was my morning :) But, to make it all better I got a call from my mom, and MY DAD GOT A JOB!!! He's only been out of work since October, so thank goodness he finally got one!!!! :)~

Okay. Off to go finish up some work. bleh

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