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It's just a posting kind of day, be prepared for TONS more tomorrow as I have a feeling it will be even SLOWER.

Found out that 8/31 isn't my last day. I have to go in on 9/1 for some meeting, but I hear that they are paying us for the entire shift, which is fine with me. I'm trying to get in as many hours as possible this week so I can make just a WEE LITTLE bit more :) They moved me last night to make room for the new hires that will be taking our place during the day shift. About four other people were moved, too.

Where I was before was nice and quiet and all the way in the back, now I'm near the middle and it's much louder, but, at least I'm facing someone and we can have a little chit chat every now and then to break the monotony. So, that's fun.

Lunch on Friday with parilous yay! Using the Entertainment book of fun and value. YAY! :) :) :)

I can't think anymore right now, but I have a feeling there will be a big post mananannanana with lots of navel lint.

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