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You know what...I have a locked office. Which is nice for security reasons. My office is actually the old security office, now here's the kicker. Someone just took my water bottle! This is really upsetting!!!

However, whoever did will get their just desserts, since I have a cold and they will get sick after drinking from it. Bastards. That is just really aggravating.

On another note, I have my appointment with the foot doctor today. He is going to numb up my big toes (yes, both of them) and cut out the sides of the toe nails and then inject some sort of chemical that will keep them from growing on the sides. I have been having horrible ingrown problems lately, and I thought it was from the pedicures I had been getting and they had been cutting too low. Nope, I have bone spurs growing on the tips of my big toes. How do you like that? So, I get the chop today. It's an in office procedure that probably takes about a half hour, so, I won't be knocked out, just my toes :)

Ah well, at least I get to leave work early today. Maybe I can milk this for a little bit at home. We'll see.
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