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Scrabble was le awesome, as I kicked much ass :)

Called Worldcare today, mailbox was full, so I emailed them asking for more info.

This may be the last week of work for this job, at least on a full time level, and if we don't get the bid (they reorganized it AGAIN) then I will have to go PT until all the contracts are closed out. Soooooo...I have been applying to various jobs today at Raytheon, the city, calling people about PT jobs as well, and applying again to Manpower about a marketing job. Raytheon, I just applied for a ton of secretarial/admin positions. The City is looking for an event coordinator. I am not professionally qualified, but, I figured what the hey, I have enough personal experience making knuckleheads work together, why not give it a shot? :)

I think I'm all talked out. I don't know if I have any more outrage in me. Any more anything. But, yeah, Scrabble was fun. :)

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