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New Ceiling!!

So, Saturday night, my cousin Amada came over and helped me paint the three walls that were to be done in orange. Small change of plans, only two of the walls were to be painted orange, the other we painted a VERY bright white. When it's all done, (the trim and everything) I think it shall look quite lovely and nifty.
So, that took about 3 hours, including a 45 minute break where we went and got some coffee and brought some to my mom who had been working. I also took her some cheesecake. She liked it. I made it. It was awesome.

So, Sunday, I got back home (I spent the night at my cousin's house because everything in my room was covered in plastic and there were lots of paint fumes) and my father and uncle went upstairs and started to rip down plastic and get everything ready to start putting up the drywall.

That took about an hour or so, I then had to bleach all of the beams that had had the wet insulation on it. They were starting to be overtaken with mold. Gee, wonder why I've been sick so much these past couple of months. So, I made some extremely bleachy water and proceeded to scrub the beams and my closet. We took out my closet organizer, removed the ceiling fan (which shall be replaced, because there is no fan that could ever compare to that bad boy, woo!! I love my ceiling fan, if you couldn't tell) and then started to plan getting the drywall up to become the ceiling.
"We can just slide it through between the wall and the roof beam. It'll fit." says my father.

No, it didn't fit. We then had to take it back down, and these things are heavy, and cut it, then put it back up again. Finally, one down. NEXT!

Measure and cut that one. Excellent. Now we're cooking with gas.

Oh, but wait. We need another piece. Perhaps he forgot that we still had to do the closet when he bought the first 3 boards. No matter. Send mom and cousin to go get it. Excellent. Oops, we forgot to put in the insulation. No problem. We still have a big section open. Oops, the insulation is too thick. No matter, we'll just cut it.

Let the itching begin. Because, see, it's too hot to wear long sleeves and pants. I'd rather itch than pass out from heat exhaustion. Thank you very much. So, dad is crawling around the crawlspace up there, putting insulation anywhere he can. Throwing out some old pieces when he can reach them. Excellent. Okay, got that done, two hours later. Now, the women folk come back with the drywall, after a phone call, "Umm, what width did you need again? How thick? Um, what brand?"

They return. The peasants rejoice, they bring up the freshly cut drywall, we install it in the closet. Excellent. Now starts the argument of how to cut this one odd piece. See, there is a four inch difference, a little jutt of a piece of wall. I say, "Cut it this much and then this much, here is where you cut this."

Commence 30 minute discussion of drywall and it's affects of modernization in third world countries (well, not really, but I'm sure if we weren't so exhausted, it probably would have).

Finally agree on measurements, cut the board. Attempt to hang it. Nope, too big. Why? Because they didn't use my measurements. I did a final measure after we got it up and screwed in. *MY* original measurements. *sigh* NEVER LISTEN TO ME!!!

Anynoodle. Finally, one piece left. Not even two feet wide. I say, cut it, here are the measurements, listen to me, just use this number. So, they do. It's a little short, not my fault, that's just how big it was, nothing to do with me. FITS PERFECTLY (with the exception of the original fault as outlined above). See how much easier that was?

I screwed that piece in.
Finally. Done.
Take shower, covered in insulation, itching out of control.

Put on fresh pants. Commence more itching. Didn't wash it all off. Dying during dinner. Get to bed at aunt's house. Employee calls at 11:30 p.m. "Did I wake you up?"

Umm..yes, I have to be at work in 6 hours!!! Anyways, so I finally fall asleep. Today is finishing insulation, taping and joint compound. Hopefully Friday/Saturday I can finally have my room done. That would be so nice.

And, thank goodness, Wednesday the coffee boss comes back. I get a respite from being the head coffee guru. Yay me.

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